Tips To Select From Hotels In Pavagadh-Champaner Heritage Resort

Pavagadh is a Municipality, and a Hill Station in Panchmahal district about 46 kilometers away from Vadodara in Gujarat state in western India. There are several Hotels in Pavagadh that offers the best services and facilities to the tourists. With so many hotels out there in Pavagadh, it certainly becomes a hard task to choose the right hotel for yourself. Following some of the tips mentioned would help a lot in the selection of the most appropriate hotels in Pavagadh.

  • Location: When it comes to choosing hotel, the first most important point that needs to be considered is the location. A hotel which is located close to the airport, railway station is always preferred by the business travelers as well as the leisure travelers. Champaner Heritage Resort is only 11 K.M. from Champaner Fort, which is the UNESCO World Heritage site and only 20 K.M. from Jambugoda Wildlife Sanctuary while from Pavagadh it is 12 K.M. and 59 K.M. from Vadodara. Click here for more:
  • Facilities: Another most important thing that should be considered when it comes to choosing hotel is the facilities that the hotel offers. For instance, Champaner Heritage Resort offers state of the art facilities and amenities for the customers.
  • Rooms: Make sure that the rooms of the hotel in Pavagadh are plush, comfortable and have a vibe of modest luxury just like their unique days of glory to give you an immersive experience of staying in a heritage property. For example, Champaner Heritage Resort provides guest accommodation that is classified into two parts: Bhamaria House and Champaner House.

Champaner House and Bhamaria House Amenities

  • Food: Apart from all these, make sure that the food items offered by the hotel are of premium quality. Champaner Heritage Resort is one of those treasured places that focus exclusively on making your experience unforgettable, even if it means going considerably out of our way to get you what you value. You can taste here authentic local dishes with amazing twists. The chefs here have worked extremely hard to put together a menu of juicy Gujarati delights to give you an immersive experience of being in the historical town of Champaner. However, if that is still not what you are in the mood for, we serve all standard continental and Indian dishes cooked to unexceptionable perfection. Click here for more: Dining & Cuisine

It is significant to focus on what matters most to you and pay no heed to everything else so as to select the right hotel for you. It will waste your time if you look through each single hotel on offer, so sorting out the ones that do not meet your criteria will greatly lessen the amount of time you spend on this task. These are some of the tips to refer to when it comes to choosing Hotels in Pavagadh.


Hence, it can be said that Champaner Heritage Resort is the best resort present in Pavagadh that offers top class facilities to the customers and tourists coming here to spend an exciting and memorable time. By staying in this resort tourists can also enjoy mouth-watering foods and drinks.

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