Dining & Cuisine

Enjoy the most memorable culinary experience at our resort with an incredible variety of cuisines.

Champaner Heritage Resort Dining Experience

Taking the regal feel one notch higher, Champaner Heritage Resort a beautiful resort near Pavagadh lets you choose exactly where Your Highness would like to dine. Whichever part of our resort you like best can become your dining spot for the evening. Be it the spectacular outdoors, the poolside, or exotic temperature-controlled tents, you point a finger and we’ll make it your own private dining venue.

You can pick a spot in our gardens with views of the majestic architecture of the haveli and surrounding greens. We will make your setting perfect with traditional live music while you treat your palate to culinary delicacies and your eyes to the splendor of the resort. We can guarantee you the best amenities and services as you make the most of the time at this resort near Pavagadh.

However, if it’s too warm for you in the outdoors, our tents will let you enjoy the best of rustic charm and modern luxury. You can sit comfortably inside an air-conditioned dining tent while enjoying nostalgic views of mango trees and a quaint garden outside through big glass windows.

As romantic as you like, as fun-filled as you want it to be, or an enticing combination of both…

Tell us how your mood is and we will cut out a fitting dining experience for you. We can arrange for amusing group activities right at the dining venue for a perfect picnic with family and friends. And when you think of a picnic, how can there not be the quintessential barbeque? – So we got it covered for you! Apart from this, if you have any other special ideas to make your dinner wonderful, you can communicate them to us and we will try our best to give you exactly what you want.

If you are planning to host a celebration or a party, we can help you be the ideal host at our resort near Pavagadh. You can have a gathering of up to 200 people, both indoors and outdoors. We guarantee impeccable service and a unique experience for all your guests.

But food will still be centre stage to your exquisite dining experience at this Resort Near Pavagadh!

You may want to taste samples of our authentic local dishes with surprising twists. Our chefs have worked incredibly hard to put together a menu of succulent Gujarati delights to give you an immersive experience of being in the historical town of Champaner. But if that’s still not what you are in the mood for, we serve all classic continental and Indian dishes cooked to unexceptionable perfection.

Champaner Heritage Resort is one of those prized places that focus solely on making your experience memorable, even if it means going significantly out of our way to get you what you cherish. Come and spend a few days at our resort, and get an authentic, unpretentious vibe of regal living.