Champaner Heritage Resort the Best Hotel in Pavagadh

An hour’s drive from the buzzing city of Vadodara lies a blissful sanctuary of nature, leisure, relaxation and culture – a heritage hotel in Pavagadh that you just can’t miss visiting. The property is an old haveli converted into a resort and fuses the best of historical immersion with modern resort amenities. Champaner Heritage Resort is the best place near Vadodara for a weekend getaway with family and friends. In addition, it also lets you host corporate and social events including weddings.

Enjoy the Stellar Combination of Luxury and Nature Connect

Champaner Heritage Resort boasts of the best gardens, a huge mango orchard and lush greenery throughout the sprawling space. You can feel the richness of the air through all your senses. At the same time, you can rightfully demand all the luxuries a modern resort in any touristy location could offer. We have worked thoughtfully and perseveringly at procuring the best of amenities for our resort – be it temperature controlled indoor spaces or exotic tents, we have it all at this fabulous heritage resort in Pavagadh. Stay with us and your benchmark for what to expect from a weekend getaway will go many notches higher.

Stay at Our Stupendous Rooms and Suites for a Few Days – Hotel in Pavagadh

We have barely changed anything of aesthetic value in our rooms and other areas of the havelis to let you get a taste of history with all its grandeur. When you stay with us, you own one of our majestic rooms for that duration – and then, you are nothing short of the royal family that must originally have owned the place.

Alongside preserving the original charm of the rooms, we have made sure that our guests get all the amenities they are used to enjoying, like Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD TV, tea and coffee machines, premium toiletries and plush linen. Moreover, we are always willing to go the extra mile to get you what you want – so let us know what could make your stay even more comfortable and we will try our best to get it for you.

Take a look at rooms and suites to stay at the best Heritage resort in Pavagadh.

The Location of this Hotel in Pavagadh is everything you can ask for – Easy to Reach, Naturally Rich and Full of Cultural Attractions

Pavagadh is an excellent place for an authentic cultural experience. The numerous ruins, temples, monuments, fairs, old villages and their festivals make it a paradise for anyone who finds joy in exploring history and heritage. Add to this the bounty of nature – the greens, the wildlife and the waterfalls – and you get an irresistible destination. Explore the rich history of Champaner. This is where you can take a look at the attractions near Champaner Pavagadh.

At Champaner Heritage Resort, we make the best use of what we are surrounded by and organize interesting cultural, sports and leisure activities for people of all tastes and ages. So you don’t just see the place but also experience it fully in an unforgettable way.

To get to this stupendous hotel in Pavagadh and enjoy a few moments of bliss in this heritage property, you do not need to make much effort at all – our location is so easily accessible that even an impromptu plan to visit will be good enough. We eliminate all reasons for you to procrastinate your next weekend getaway, don’t we?

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