Are you planning to spend a weekend in Vadodara? Vadodara is one of the most glorious cities of India in the present day. If you have lived here, you know why! It offers enough in terms of work opportunities, business, amusement, shopping and culture while maintaining its quintessential comfortable pace of life. No wonder it has been declared a ‘Smart City’.

People of Vadodara love to eat out, travel and enjoy life. So when it comes to weekends how do Vadodara-ites spend them? There is no dearth of places in and near the city to spend some moments of leisure. Within the city, there are palaces, museums, temples and ample-eating out places. And if you want to go to a resort near Vadodara for one day picnic, you can get some amazing deals in close proximity of the smart city.

Champaner and Pavagadh are Delightful Destinations less than a Couple of Hours Away from Vadodara

When you have a UNESCO world heritage site this close to your city, you don’t think twice about packing your bags and spending a couple of days exploring it. Champaner has enough for you to see and do over a series of weekends. And in case you only wish to relax and do nothing, the beauty of the town resplendent with hills, lakes and forests will recharge you to the hilt.

Things to Do

Visit the ancient ruins of Champaner for a fine exploration spree and a mind-blowing photo shoot! The numerous temples like Kalika Mata Temple and the Jain Temples will give you your weekend dose of faith besides being a feast for the eyes. Trek up to the Fort of Pavagadh and get a bird’s eye view of the entire area. And if fauna is your thing, the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary will surprise you with its magnitude and diversity.


 Where to Stay in Champaner

For a relaxing weekend, a beautiful resort with great food and hospitality is an absolute must. A great place to stay amplifies the goodness of a destination. And when in Champaner, a marvelous heritage resort gets you covered for it. Champaner Heritage Resort is only 57 km from Vadodara and offers an experience so soulful that you will go back home with oodles of energy and joy.


The resort is a heritage property comprising two 100-year old havelis, mango orchards, swimming pools and big manicured gardens. It offers a unique experience through impeccable hospitality, numerous fun activities and delectable food. Whether you want to spend a couple of days lounging in a regal setting or exploring the nearby sites of Champaner and Pavagadh, the property is the perfect setting for both.

So if you are one lucky resident of Vadodara, or are visiting the city for a while, quickly reserve one weekend for an escapade to Champaner, a place where history and nature amalgamate with one another!

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