Staying in a fabulous accommodation can make any vacation perfect. By fabulous, we mean, well-located, culturally rich, brimming with amusing activities, hospitable and aesthetically pleasing. Champaner Heritage Resort easily checks all of these criteria and more. It’s located close to several attractions in Champaner that you might like to visit, offers a peaceful oasis in itself, has the best facilities alongside an authentic old-world regal atmosphere and has lots of activities to do for people of all ages.

Take a look at this little Champaner guide to help you better prepare for a fantastic vacation ahead.

Places to Explore

Places to Explore near Champaner Heritage ResortThere are countless places in and around Champaner to attract all categories of travellers. You got wildlife, flora, ruins, religious places, rustic fairs and culture oozing from every corner. When in Champaner, there is never a dearth of sites to visit or pictures to click. It is Gujarati heritage at its zenith.

To name a few places, a 10th-century temple atop the hill in Pavagadh awes visitors from around the world, the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be if you love nature and all its diverse creatures, and the Hathni Mata Waterfall is a sight to behold. In the nutshell, be prepared to get several delightful surprises each day of your stay!

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Activities in Champaner Heritage Resort

Activities in Champaner Heritage ResortYou have a whole lot of fun things to do in Champaner Heritage Resort. And there is something for every age group, be it toddlers, young children, teenagers, couples or big families vacationing together.

A part of the list of activities on offer is hiking, cycling, painting in the outdoors, bubble soccer, boating, yoga and water zorbing. You can have a leisurely day or a day buzzing with super-energetic amusements; everything is one command away at our oasis!

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What to Pack

When vacationing in Champaner, do not forget your sun shades, hats and sunscreens. These accessories will let you explore the bright sunny days more comfortably. In addition, do get along your bathing suits to enjoy swimming in our grand pool and take part in some fun water sports. If you plan to do some wildlife exploration, a pair of binoculars will add to the experience.

In-resort Facilities

Champaner Heritage Resort-PropertiesOurs is one of the finest resorts in Champaner. If staying in a heritage property in the epicentre of Indian culture is something that excites you, Champaner Heritage Resort is the ultimate destination for you. The property comprises two old havelis that retain their original splendour, mango orchards with 2700 mango trees, plush gardens and a traditionally styled swimming pool with beautiful sculptures around it.


While we want to transport you into another era, we don’t want you to go without all the modern luxuries you are used to. Therefore, our premises and all our rooms are well equipped with facilities like Wi-Fi, LED screens, hair dryers, temperature-control and a lot more.

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If there is anything else you’d like to know about the place, write to us and we’ll gladly give you all the information we can. Do let us know if you have any special requests to customize your vacation at our property.

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