Situated in the lap of nature, Champaner is one ravishing place to visit if you are planning a short trip during monsoons. Such a mystical beauty with all its glory, Champaner beckons you to cross a threshold which is not only breathtakingly alluring but also rejuvenating. Not more than 47 kms away from the city of Vadodara, is an abode of nature which is enshrouded from the cacophony of towns and cities. There are certain places which remain untouched by time, change and decay, encapsulated as a whole and all appeasing in itself. Champaner is such a place which stood a witness to the historical past, the glorious capital of Gujarat Sultanate.Champaner has been brandished by UNESCO  as a ‘world heritage site’.

When one is looking forward to a short vacation trip  that is exhilarating and satisfying at the same time, Champaner is one great option. After a long and stressful week of work load and exhaustion, one hopes for a self pampering weekend and that can be provided undoubtedly by none other than Champaner Heritage Resort. With its unparalleled hospitality and skilled staffs, makes your vacation extremely snug. The Resort can also make necessary arrangements for the the nearby sight visits as well.

Pavagadh Hills, a nearby hilly area which is 800 metres above the plains, is a range of Aravallis, surrounded by nature’ greenery and blessed with a beautiful surrounding. This place forms an umbrella of plateaus with and is outlined by a dense forest and various caves. This region is considered one of the oldest formations of rock in India. Pvagadh Hills along with Champaner create the Champaner- Pavagadh Archaelogical Park. A chain of temples surround this place which forms the spot for tourist attraction. The Jain temples are made up of pure white marble with beautifully decorated indoors. The provisions of guest houses are also available in the vicinity.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is also one such most frequented places by the tourists near Champaner. This Sanctuary is a home to various species of wild life animals like hyena, jackal, Indian flying fox, mongoose, porcupine, crocodile, python and Indian giant squirrel etc. This forest is covered with various trees like bamboo, teak, bor, bili, timru , sag etc.

The Pavagadh Fort is surrounded by various artistic gates in all four directions. The gate in the Western side comprises of seven arches known as Sat Kaman. The Sat Kaman is at the top of the hill and is situated at a distance of 4 kms from the foundation of the hill. These arches are but the very specimen of art and is an embodiment of excellent architecture. Made up of sandstone, these arches form the shape of a trapezium with the topmost stone in the shape of a wedge. Out of seven arches, only six have survived the upheaval of time and change yet they adorn the gateway with all its glory. This place has been recognised as a heritage site which needs to be preserved and maintained properly.


Lakshmi Vilas Palace is an exquisite blend of skill and artistry. Constructed by a Maratha family during their rule in Baroda state, had been declared a heritage site by UNESCO. Till date, it is considered the largest private dwelling place and it is nearly four times the exact size of Buckingham Palace. The palace stands on a land of 500 acres lush green landscape The palace comprises of various minarets and tombs. The Darbar Hall or the large drawing room features the throne of the Rajas. The palace has got many buildings inter connected to each other. Such a splendid palace is a treat to one’s eyes.

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