Its again that time of the year when the vacations are at peak. Vadodara, the land of cultural capital of Gujrat is blessed with some of the finest picnic spots where you and your family can indulge into the best family times and enjoy the joy of nature. The city with its perfect blend of culture and heritage provides some of the best destinations for families to rejuvenate their busy scheduled life by taking a refreshing break. The city has many niches where friends and families can spend some of their private times and enjoy the history of the monarchs and picnic spots near Vadodara.

Some of the best enthralling picnic spots near Vadodara are:

  • Hathni Waterfalls:

Hathni Mata Waterfall near Champaner - Halol - Vadodara

A short drive from the city, Hathni Waterfall is a 100-meter height waterfall. A magnificent ride through the dense forests, the fall is in the secluded periphery and surrounded by stunning nature. The eye soothing greenery and fresh breezed air can fill your vacation with a refreshing mind and energize your soul. The waterfall is named after Hatani Maa and the temple is near the fall.

  • Sayaji baugh:

Surrounded with huge greenery and refreshing garden, this place was built by the late king Sayajirao III in 1897. Some of the major attractions of this place are great attractions for the children like planetarium, toy train, flower clock, zoo and aquarium. Sayaji bagh is among one of the green heaven in the heart of the city.

  • Nimeta Garden:

Another picnic spot near Vadodara is a short drive distance. Nimeta Garden is a cold soothing place to visit. The cold breeze and the lush of green leaves and tress along with a water fountain surrounding the area is a true delight for kids and families to enjoy and rejuvenate.

  • Zarwani Ecosystem:

Zarwani Ecosystem has a charming wildlife sanctuary with many species of rare plants and animals. The area also has a splendid waterfall appropriate for a day to spend with families and friends. A small trek and the surrounding of nature is an absolute breath-taking place for an ideal picnic spot near Vadodara.

  • Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park:


One of the most historical significance picnic and vacation destination. Around 50 kilometres away from the city, the area is surrounded by some magnificent artifacts and monuments. The park provides a great place for families and friends to go back at the golden era and relive the historical significance of the area.Champaner-Heritage-Resort-Book-Now

Apart from the archaeological park, Champaner is glorified with the Champaner Heritage Resort, a destination for every family occasion, picnic, vacation and entertainment. This quick escaped from the busy city life refills  your senses and energy with some of the best recreation like a heritage ride, a fun ride, a historical escapade or the beautiful garden travel. The Resort ensures a splendid picnic travel filled with royalty, nature and relaxing accommodations. Who does not seek for a cultural rich and royal heritage stay with amusing activities and hospitality. It is filled with every state of art facilities to ensure that your stay and travel with left with an enchanting memory. Filled with nearby weekend destinations and places to explore near Champaner. The resort fills your weekend with hiking, cycling, painting, outdoors, bubble soccer, boating, yoga and water zorbing. You can have a day stay buzzing with super-energetic amusements, all this just one command away.

With such a classic and aesthetic place to visit, Champaner Heritage Resort fulfils every delight of the visitors. A stay with hi tech facilities and blend of modern and aesthetic services encapsulates a perfect rejoicing vacation.

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