While people often choose heritage themes for their wedding decors – you can have it for real! Champaner Heritage Resort is the wedding venue in Pavagadh that will help you realize your dream for having a real royal wedding. This heritage resort near Pavagadh lets you organize an Indian wedding in an authentic Indian haveli. Its regal architecture and expansive landscapes are an irresistible treat for all who become a part of it. It will beautifully take you back to your roots while you reach a most auspicious, a most special milestone of your life.

A Beckoning Location

Owing to its fantastic locational advantage of being a resort near Pavagadh, our property promises a nice vacation to your guests while they attend the wedding. There are numerous sites to visit and activities to take part in within close proximity of the resort.

Moreover, Champaner Heritage Resort also enjoys the ease of reachability from Vadodara. You can reach us in just about an hour’s drive from the city thereby having to spend very little time on travel.

Enjoy a Regal Stay and Host Ceremonies in the Perfect Settings

Royal-Wedding Venue Near Champaner Vadodara

Our regal rooms and suites will easily accommodate your friends and family. We promise all the comforts your guests would expect during their stay and a delightful service that gives them a real feel of enjoying a royal wedding.

We have huge lobbies with tastefully restored interiors. You can book the one you like best for your ceremonies like mehndi, sangeet etc. And just in case the outdoors attract you more, our splendid gardens will be the perfect regal oasis for all your pre-wedding bashes.

Add Amusing, Offbeat Activities to Entertain Your Guests

During the typical two days of a wedding, there are slots that are not filled with any ceremony or celebration – this is the time when your guests have to fend for themselves and find something to do. Why not delight them with super-fun stuff to do when there is nothing else keeping them busy? At Champaner Heritage Resort, we can organize hiking tours for all your guests to nearby attractions like Pavagadh Hills; or, we can make arrangements for group activities like boating, zorbing etc.

Take a look at the a activities you can enjoy at the resort:
Activities and Resort facilities | Champaner Resort Halol

We Customize it all to Your Tastes

We know how important your wedding is to you; and trust us, you can be as finicky as you like when chalking it out with us, and we won’t mind it one bit! Whether it is a special menu, a unique placement of the dance floor or the stage, a grand entryway for you to walk through, or the most intricate of choices in décor, we will happily incorporate it all for you and put your vision to reality.

We Coordinate Directly with Your Event Planner

You may be incredibly short of time but still want a dream wedding with all details planned to perfection – introduce your wedding planner to us and together we will create magic for you. We will make sure we make bare minimum phone calls to you, and coordinate seamlessly with your planner all this while. So when you arrive at the resort, you get your dream wedding venue waiting to awe you.

If a heritage wedding is on the cards, Champaner Heritage Resort is the ideal wedding venue in Pavagadh – because we’d take as much pride in making your wedding memorable as you would.

Get in Touch With Us:

Email: booking@champanerheritageresort.com
Call: +91 95 86 188811 / 95 86 288811
Visit: Champaner – Jambughoda Road, Ta – Halol, Dist Panchmahal, Bhamariya, Gujarat.

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