Grand Heritage Resorts in Gujarat-Champaner Heritage Resort

The peculiar thing about India is, that each region of the country feels so different from the other as it were an individual country in itself; and the cultural heritage of each of them astounds the visitor all over new. One of the most astounding among these is the vibrant state of Gujarat. When in Gujarat you are splashed with colors, stories, art, architecture and natural heritage. To get the absolute best out of your Gujarat odyssey you should visit the key places and live in properties that make it a culturally immersive experience for you. Here is our pick of the top 4 heritage resorts in Gujarat that promise to make your stay an unforgettable one.

1. Champaner Heritage Resort

Mango orchards, huge havelis, plush gardens and a grand swimming pool – isn’t this what dream vacations are made of? Champaner Heritage Resort realizes it for you and gives you an experience that will make you doubt if you weren’t really royalty. They complement the grandeur of the place with impeccable hospitality that goes beyond what you would expect in even the best of 5-star hotels around the world. Besides getting a splendid stay in the resort, you can also enjoy several activities near the resort in Pavagadh. The resort staff is more than happy to organize these excursions for you.

Champaner Heritage ResortChampaner Heritage Resort-Properties

2. Divan’s Bungalow

Nestled in the bustling metropolis of Ahmedabad is this 150-year old heritage property named after the Divan who built it. A grand yet intimate space with 3 rooms and 5 suites, the Divan’s Bungalow offers an unmatched experience in the city. Their focus is on providing originally preserved old aesthetics along with all modern facilities and comfort. When you stay here, do not miss out on eating at their restaurant that serves a delectable array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. They are incredibly accommodating in case of custom orders as well.

Divan's Bungalow
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3. The Heritage Khirasara Palace

The majestic structure awes you right at first sight. This palace has all the intricacies of historical Gujarati architecture and décor. Located a few kilometres away from Rajkot, the Heritage Khirasara Palace is a sanctuary for those looking for a culture-rich holiday. In addition to the brilliance of the palace and its interiors, you also get to enjoy a spectacular view from all rooms. It goes without saying that the hospitality and service are top-class, keeping up with the stature of the monument itself.

Heritage Khirasara Palace
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4. Balaram Palace Resort

Balaram Palace Resort merges together the bests of two absolutely fabulous worlds – forests and heritage architecture. This property sits gracefully in the middle of a lush green forest and hills, and originally served as the hunting retreat for the Nawab of Palanpur. The style of architecture is a fusion of neo-classical and baroque. Everything about this palace reminds you of a glorious past era and juxtaposes you in the place of the nawabs that once lived here.

Balaram Palace Resort
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So when are you spending your few days in Gujarat?

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