Champaner Heritage Resort Ideal For Pre-wedding Shoots

Destination weddings in India have been famous for its ability to include places that incorporate beautiful Indian Architecture and culture. Every bride and groom would want to feel opulent for this once in a lifetime event and what better way to do that than including traditional Indian architecture in the backdrop as Indian marriages are greatly intertwined with traditions.

The concept of Pre-Wedding shoots have become a popular and staple aspect of the Wedding ceremony and locating the perfect place to form a backdrop to the happy couple is a much tasking affair. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and the pre wedding shoot has a special significance to the to-be-wed. Additionally these photo-shoots can also serve as the perfect getaway for the couple to de-stress themselves before they get ready for the whirlwind activities of a wedding.

Resorts that can boast of beautiful architecture are perfect for Pre-wedding shoots. Especially resorts in culturally rich and famous regions are fitting for these shoots. In that tandem Champaner Heritage Resort fits the bill of an Ideal location for Pre Wedding shoots for various reasons:

Location of the Property

Champaner Heritage Resort is located in Champaner, which is one of Gujarat’s most popular holiday or weekend getaway destination due to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. The Champaner-Pavagadh Hill area is also a UNESCO World heritage site. Champaner has a great many places worth visiting in its vicinity.


The Havelis (Champaner House & Bhamaria House)

The Havelis Champaner House & Bhamaria House-Champaner Heritage Resort

The Champaner Heritage Resorts boasts of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing backdrops for those perfect couple shots. The property contains havelis, which are an excellent exhibition of the majestic beauty and grandness of Indian Architecture. The grandeur of havelis is sure to make the couple feel like true royalty. Photographs can aesthetically capture the shadow and light plays in the havelis to provide a sense of mystique and drama.


The Endless Angles to Click the Perfect Shot

The sprawling resort has never ending options in case of finding a variety of angles. From its huge mango orchards to beautiful swimming pools with traditional embellishments, the property houses countless scenic locales to provide a never-ending variety of backgrounds.


The Champaner Heritage Resort also has an attractive holiday package designed especially for those interested in holding pre-wedding shoots at the resort. This includes services for meals coupled with a stay at the resort. More of the details for this can be obtained on contact with the Champaner Heritage Resort.

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