A summer is awfully incomplete without a vacation. And looking for that perfect spot, which fits well with everybody’s requirements and is logistically easy, can be quite a task. This summer, we’d like to tell you about a fabulous resort near Vadodara that lay nestled among rich natural heritage and happens to be within super easy driving distance from Vadodara; and would make your choice an easy one!

Champaner Heritage Resort is the perfect resort near Vadodara for one-day picnic where both children and adults can enjoy. The property is a heritage one and lets you walk through living history. You can enjoy the resplendent architecture, manicured lawns, mango orchards and a beautifully built swimming pool just like royalty would back in the day, or even better, as we give you all the modern luxuries in addition to an authentic old-world regal experience.

Visit the Numerous Places of Historical Interest near Vadodara

There are countless sites of historical interest near Vadodara, and the areas of Champaner and Pavagadh happen to be a treasure trove of them. Using our resort as a base, you can take your kids out on historical walks through many of these sites and give them an opportunity to learn while they enjoy a delicious holiday.

What lies around are ancient temples, a huge fort, several interesting ruins and regular cultural fairs of the indigenous population. All of this can offer an experience as insightful as it would be fun. Your children can use this as a phenomenal learning opportunity while catching up on all the necessary rejuvenation.

Expose Your Children to a Vast Variety of Flora and Fauna

In addition to history, your children will get exposure to some of the finest flora and fauna reserves in the country. The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary are a couple of interesting places to take day trips to and spot a variety of plant and animal species. With so much on offer, it’s not just the little ones that will be enthralled!

Enjoy a Majestic Stay at our Resort near Vadodara

Besides your day excursions full of historical walks, wildlife safaris and dozens of activities, the stay at our resort near Vadodara will make your trip truly memorable. We have two havelis, each preserved in its original avatar, replete with grandeur in all its rooms, balconies, courtyards and lobbies. Our antique décor coupled with flawless hospitality will make you feel like you were none other than the original royals that the place was built for.

Your children will fall in love with the huge mango orchards with more than 1500 mango trees. Not to mention, the walk under dense mango trees on warm summer afternoons will get you nostalgic. After the walk, our grand swimming pool, again preserved in its original style, will be the perfect place to cool off while enjoying a drink or two.


You can Spend Some Time with Your Partner while the Kids are Purposefully Involved in their Activities

We can keep your children incredibly busy at the resort premises. Activities like zorbing, paintball, open air painting, boating and bubble soccer are all out here for your kids to take their pick from. So while they have a grand time participating in amusements they love, you can spend a few quality hours relaxing and connecting with your partner. Here are the wide range of activities to indulge in at Champaner Heritage Resort.

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