Awesome Places to Visit and Things to do at Champaner Near Vadodara

Champaner is a treasure-trove of things to do in addition to the natural surroundings and splendor of the place. There are numerous sites to visit, numerous activities to amuse you and numerous facets of Gujarati heritage waiting to be explored. You can easily spend a few days exploring the below suggested places to visit near Champaner.

Here are a few popular places to visit near Champaner:

Pavagadh TemplePavagadh-Templae-Champaner-Vadodara

Hike up to the top of Pavagadh Hill to reach this ancient temple dating back to the 10th century. It’s also known as Lakulisa Temple.



Dev-Dem-Champaner-VadodaraDev Dam Reservoir

This dam is on the Vishwamitri River. It flows from Pavagadh to Vadodara. The dam is a must-visit and inspires national pride.



Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary-Champaner-VadodaraJambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

The variety of flora and fauna in this wildlife sanctuary is spellbinding. It is easy to spot leopards here prancing in the wild.



Kada Dam-Champaner-VadodaraKada Dam

Kada Dam is a great place to spend an evening. The complex has a beautiful garden apt for hearty picnics. Infrastructure and maintenance is here is commendable.



Hathni Mata Waterfall-Champaner-VadodaraHathni Mata Waterfall

You can absolutely not miss out on this awe-inspiring waterfall in monsoon. It’s a whopping 100-meter long waterfall and gives you the perfect picture moment.



Kavant Tribal Fair-Champaner-VadodaraKavant Tribal Fair

Oodles of music, dance, tradition and vibrant clothes – if you want cultural exposure, it doesn’t get any better than at the Kavant Tribal Fair of the Rathva community.



Pithora Painting-Champaner-VadodaraPithora Painting

Pithora paintings are undoubtedly beautiful, and at the same time, superstition has it that they bring home good luck!



Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary-Champaner-VadodaraRatan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Hills, greens, expansive views of the sanctuary as well as the little villages surrounding it, and tremendous variety of wildlife – can you miss such a place?



Sardar-Sarovar-Dam–NarmadaSardar Sarovar Dam – Narmada

This is the largest dam on the Narmada River. It forms a beautiful site to visit, and has a lake within the complex where you can go boating.



When you have this many amazing places to visit on the weekend, and the weather is just perfect for the excursion, there is little that can hold you back. And for exploring all the above places and many more, the ideal location for you would be Champaner Heritage Resort. It is a heritage property with everything grand and nostalgic. You can have a most amazing weekend here staying in one of the old havelis surrounded by manicured gardens and mango orchards.

When you are done with sightseeing, Champaner Heritage Resort has a lot to offer within the property itself. They organize amusing games, cultural activities, picnics and bonfires to make your stay memorable. You can stay at at some of the most luxurious and comfortable rooms and suites at this heritage resort in Pavagadh.

In addition, their delectable dining experience takes vacation delight to a whole new level. They serve an interesting range of cuisines with service that wins hearts. To enhance the charm of the experience, they let you choose where you wish to dine – so any corner of the resort can be your dining room for the evening!

So drive to Champaner make most of the places to visit near Champaner, stay at the best resort near Pavagadh, and get a glimpse of real Gujarati culture coupled with a plethora of amusement and relaxation. Some more tourist attractions near Champaner, Halol. 


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